What would you do with one million pounds in cash?

What would you do with one million pounds in cash?

Would you gamble it on the likelyhood of you knowing the answer to five increasingly difficult general knowledge questions? Would you take that gamble in front of thousands of people on national television? If you have been a contestant on the hit television show The Million Pound Drop, then that is exactly what you have done. The show is hosted by the lovely Davina McCall and offers a unique way of gambling with what can only be described as life changing amounts of money. Contestants were placed in front of a massive pile of money and instructed to wager all or parts of the one million pounds on the answers to a series of questions that were to get increasingly difficult. If the contestant placed all or part of the one million pounds on a drawer that represented an incorrect answer then the drawer fell and the money dropped from play. If the contestant placed all or part of the one million pounds on a drawer that represented an correct answer then that money would advance to the next round until either all the money was lost, they reached the final round or decided that enough was enough and opted to take there losses and run with what was left. The format worked and The Million Pound Drop became the most watched programs of its time.

Website gaming developers have been keen to duplicate the enthusiasm and exitement generated by The Million Pound Drop and have been hard at work creating an online version of the television show.

The announcement that Bet365 had exclusively launched a game that folowed the format and look of the television show caused a lot of excitement.

The Money Drop Game on Bet365 is as close to the television show as it gets. The layout and design of the game really do remind you of the television show and with a little imagination you could easily be stood on the set of The Million Pound Drop show.

Game play is simple and easy to get to grips with. The format is virtually identical to the television show in that you have to choose which drawers to place your one million pounds on and after five rounds you keep any remaining money. The lack of general knowledge questions is the most noticeable deviation from the television shows format but in overall it does make the game much more simple to play. You make a wager at the begining of the game, and after deciding a difficulty level that rewards a smaller or higher payout, you choose where to place your one million pounds. After all the games rounds have been completed, players are rewarded an amount that relates to how much of the one million pounds is remaining.

Play The Money Drop Game exclusively at Bet365

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Why Playing Bingo Online Is Secure.

Newcomers to online bingo sites often wonder if these sites are authentic. Many newcomers to online bingo question the authenticity and validity of the online bingo sites. There are many individuals who play online bingo that have received some substantial winners from their gaming efforts.

Not just anyone can open up a bingo. There are rigid rules in place and a license that is very expensive must be obtained. Most bingo online sites are proud of their honesty and integrity, and will display various icons that indicate their credentials. Understanding that there are many rules and regulations that have to be met and followed by these bingo sites will give you some security, knowing they are safe to play at, and yes, they do pay out to the winners. It costs the online bingo halls a great deal of money to put a protection system in place that safeguards your financial information. You should always check out for yourself just what type of security system the online bingo site you are going to play at has in place.

Some bingo sites have better payouts than others, but all of the reputable bingo sites honor the winners, provided they have followed the rules. The online bingo that is available to you not only offers you an opportunity to win some money, but it also gives you many hours of fun for a small amount of money. Most bingo sites online make an attempt to offer a selection of games that are affordable for everyone. Don’t be too hasty at joining the first online bingo site that you come across. Take the time to check out what the payouts are like. There is nothing stopping you from trying out various bingo sites until you finally settle on the one that pleases you the most.

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All About Online Bingo

Online bingo never seems to stop growing in popularity, and there is no shortage of bingo sites for you to join for your gaming entertainment. Many first time online bingo players are really surprised at just how similar the games and excitement is, when compared to the on land version of this game. Once you have had a taste of what playing online bingo is like, you will soon learn of its many advantages, and see that it has very few disadvantages.

Before deciding on your favorite bingo site, try a few of the many that are available first to see what appeals to you the most. The popularity of online bingo has opened the doors for many online bingo sites to become established and you may find it a little confusing as to which one to choose. There is plenty of opportunity to try out several of the many bingo sites available to you, so don’t let the number available overwhelm you. Each bingo site has their own special promotions and detailed way of doing things which gives them their own way of drawing members to their site. After you have looked at a few of the sites decide what are the things that you find that you like the most and then narrow down your choices to just a few and choose the one that finally appeal to you the most.

Be sure to check out that you will be able to make a deposit easily at the bingo site that you have chosen before you become a member. Before making your final decision on becoming a member of a bingo site you like, check out the deposit methods. There is no point in joining an online bingo site if there isn’t a convenient method for you to deposit, so check this out first to avoid disappointment after joining the site. You can check out the various games that the bingo site offers, and that way you will know if what you like best in bingo is being offered there. Be sure to take advantage of the sites that offer the best bingo bonuses and incentives not only for new players that are just joining, but for existing members as well. Sites such as Sky Bingo and Paddy Power Bingo offer just such bonuses.

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32red Bingo Review

32Red Bingo is owned by 32Red Plc, a leader in the industry of online gaming in the UK. 32Red Plc is most famous for winning an award in 2003 as the Casino of the Year and in 2005, they became listed on the Alternative Investment Market and the Stock Exchange of London.

Since 32Red Bingo aims to please their customers by giving them a great gaming experience, they have created a website that is easy to use, strictly safe, and responsible. They even ensure that you get to buy your chips with ease and withdraw all of your winnings as quickly and as easily as possible.

At 32Red Bingo, you can use your debit cards and credit cards with the utmost confidence as all of your personal details will be kept on a safe server that is protected by modern firewall systems. Aside from Visa and Mastercard credit cards, 32Red Bingo accepts other deposit and withdrawal methods, such as NETELLER, Moneybookers, ClickandBuy, Click2Pay, ECOCard, Entropay, Paysafecard, Ukash, wire transfers, and PayPal – UK’s favourite service of online payments today.

In-between bingo games, you can enjoy playing video poker and table games or slots. Their bingo slots are exciting and offer up big jackpots, while their video poker machines are easy to use yet highly rewarding. Their available table games include roulette, keno, three-card poker and blackjack. Keep in mind that 32Red Bingo has a great team behind it, so they only provide top quality casino games for you to dabble in.

32Red Bingo’s dedicated team also works very hard to ensure that their bingo bonuses stay interesting, fresh, and profitable at all times. Because of this, you have to keep checking the website to find out which exciting bingo bonuses currently exist for you to avail of. Just for signing up at 32Red Bingo, you will already get £10 and your initial deposit will get matched by 100% for up to £100. If you choose to play 90-ball bingo at 32Red Bingo, you will also get a great sign-up bonus worth £100. And, the longer you play at 32Red Bingo, the more profitable things will get as loyal players get a 25% bonus on each deposit that they make under £25. Remember: 32Red Bingo has different offers every month, so keep checking back to see what is available. Enjoy!

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South Beach Bingo Review

South Beach Bingo is powered by Parlay Entertainment software and owned by Winward Gaming Group, a well-known group that also owns six other gambling websites on the Internet today. With such powerful and well-known groups behind them, you can be sure that South Beach Bingo only provides top quality bingo games that guarantee secure and fun playing online for every player.

Aside from smooth gaming, there is also a wide variety of games available at South Beach Bingo, ranging from bingo to other traditional casino games – all of which can be played with a relaxing tropic background. In fact, playing at South Beach Bingo in either download or Flash version is incredibly easy as the design of the website is very user-friendly and fun at the same time. You just have to log in with your account and you will be sent to the games page right away where you can choose from a wide variety of games to play. Once you connect to a game, you can log into a chat room, as well, and talk to other players as you play.

After you register, you can reload your account anytime in the Players Area. Don’t worry – all of the e-commerce pages at South Beach Bingo are entirely safe and use SSL encryption and security protocols to offer you the best security from theft and fraud. Keep in mind that you have to make a deposit before you can play with real money at South Beach Bingo. The lowest amount that you can deposit is $25, though, and the only deposit methods available are credit cards, eWalletXpress, EcoCard, Click2Pay, NETeller Direct and INSTADEBIT.

As for bonuses, South Beach Bingo provides a free trial bonus of $5 to players – just for opening an account with them. The initial two deposits then get a bonus of 150%, while every deposit after that gets a bonus of 250%. There are also bonuses available for birthday celebrants and bonuses that are available on various other occasions. Specials are run every night, as well, and fresh promotions always pop up every now and then. Just make sure you always pay close heed when it comes to South Beach Bingo’s website, so you don’t miss any of their special treats!

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